Parking Lot Concrete Leveling

Lift, Level and Realign your Parking Lot by rehabilitating the support soils and remove the need to replace.

Parking lots are a significant investment for companies, and their quality and maintenance can be a reflection of the quality and care that goes into your business.  We specialize in leveling parking lots using a proprietary lifting technique that is minimally invasive, fast and vastly more cost-effective than replacement.

Why Polyurethane Injection?

Our polyurethane injection process, also known as foam jacking or slab jacking, is an ideal application for rehabilitating parking lots.  We accomplish this by drilling small 5/8″ holes through the slab, inserting 1/2″ rods to the weak soil locations, and injecting a high-density polyurethane underneath the slab.

Once injected, the polyurethane expands up to 25 times its initial volume and fills any present voids.  The polymer expansion direction is controlled by the injection technique and volume of polyurethane injected.  This allows for the experienced Concrete Leveling Solutions team to accomplish your goals, whether lifting and realigning the slab, or void-filling and stabilizing the soil underneath.


  • Concrete Lifting and Slab Realignment
  • Minimize Water Pooling and reestablish Slope and Grade
  • Filling Voids Underneath the Slab
  • Stabilizing and Strengthening Weak Soils Beneath the Slab
  • Preventing Future Soil Washout
  • No Excavation and Minimal Mess
  • Avoid Having to Pour a New Slab
  • Environmentally Friendly Polymers

Check out the below timelapse video of us lifting a parking lot, removing low spots and restoring proper drainage.


Our polymer injection application doesn’t require excavation or trenching, allowing for minimal impact to your structure. Our project footprint is minimal, requiring a small trailer, a hose running from the trailer, and small 5/8″ holes that are drilled through the structure to give us access to drive our rods to target locations and inject our high-density polyurethane.

Our polymers are light-weight and add minimal weight to the area. This is a major advantage because often times treatment is required because the added weight is to much for the geology of the area.

Our polymers set up to 95% capacity within 15 minutes, unlike other solutions which require 24-48 hours and ideal soil conditions.  After 15 minutes, the material can be driven on and take on heavy loads.

Our polymers are environmentally inert and have no impact to the environment or groundwater

Not only is our process the fastest and most effective foundation and slab lifting application, but it is the most cost-effective too.