Georgia Bridge Approach and Departure Slab Lifting

Our polyurethane injection process is ideal for rehabilitating bridge approach and departure slabs. It is fast, minimally evasive, and cost-effective.

Bridge approach slab settlement is a common problem routinely faced by transportation engineers.

These slabs, which form the transition from a roadway to the bridge deck are susceptible to settlement due to consolidation or washout of base fill materials. The reasons for settlement can include erosion, failure of drainage systems, failure of earth stabilization systems (MSE walls), vibration-related compaction and several other causation factors. Left unchecked, the condition may cause critical failure of the approach slab and any structural appurtenances, damage to the bridge structure and deck, damage to vehicles transiting the area and possible risk of motor vehicle incidents. Traditional repair or replacement is costly, time consuming and can seriously disrupt ensuing traffic flow.

Why Polyurethane Injection?

The entire bridge approach slab settlement program is cost-effective, fast, non-invasive, requires no excavation, and rehabilitative repairs are permanent.CLS   offers an innovative time-tested rapid repair program that permanently treats both the symptom (settlement) and the cause of settlement (weak foundation soils). Our Bridge Approach Slab Settlement program involves injection of a rigid structural geotechnical polymer into weak foundation soils, creating a high-density sub base which easily meets original design density, followed up with injection just below the approach slab to lift and realign it to the original surface profile. The entire process is usually completed in just one work shift, which can be performed during off-peak travel periods to reduce impact to travelers. The polymers cure rapidly and heavy traffic loads can be immediately restored.


  • Repair is completed quickly and can easily be performed during non-peak hours
  • Filling Voids Underneath the Slab
  • Stabilizing and Strengthening Weak Soils Beneath the Slab
  • Preventing Future Soil Washout
  • No Excavation and Minimal Mess
  • Avoid Having to Pour a New Slab
  • Environmentally Friendly Polymers


Our polymer injection application doesn’t require excavation or trenching, allowing for minimal impact to your structure. Our project footprint is minimal, requiring a small trailer, a hose running from the trailer, and small 5/8″ holes that are drilled through the structure to give us access to drive our rods to target locations and inject our high-density polyurethane.

Our polymers are light-weight and add minimal weight to the area. This is a major advantage because often times treatment is required because the added weight is to much for the geology of the area.

Our polymers set up to 95% capacity within 15 minutes, unlike other solutions which require 24-48 hours and ideal soil conditions.  After 15 minutes, the material can be driven on and take on heavy loads.

Our polymers are environmentally inert and have no impact to the environment or groundwater

Not only is our process the fastest and most effective foundation and slab lifting application, but it is the most cost-effective too.