Our Services

Concrete Leveling Solutions is a small business contractor based in Cumming, GA. We provide the Atlanta Metropolitan area with polyurethane foam injection for residential, commercial, and infrastructure applications. We strive to make sure your project is something both you and we can be proud of. We do this through experience, dedication to the success of your project, and using the highest quality polymers and injection techniques to accomplish the goals of your project.

Residential Services

We offer residential repair services that are designed to be the least invasive to homeowners’ lives and budgets. Our polyurethane foam jacking applications are quick, minimally invasive, and long lasting.

Commercial Services

We offer commercial repair services that are designed to get your building back online quickly and without interruption.

Infrastructure Services

Polyurethane injection is a highly adaptable application for infrastructure rehabilitation. From roadways to bridges from rail to runways from sewers to dams, polyurethane injection is fast, effective, and requires no excavation.