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polyurethane foamjacking

Polyurethane foamjacking is a concrete raising solution that has captured a lot of attention over the last 10 years, and for good reason.  The process has been deemed clean, fast, and relatively cost-effective. This article is meant to summarize what polyurethane foamjacking is and how the process is minimally disruptive for your concrete slab, your schedule, and your pocketbook.

How Concrete Lifting with Polyurethane Foamjacking Works

Foamjacking works by addressing voids and loose soils underneath a concrete slab with a high-density polyurethane. The concrete raising contractor injects the polyurethane through a 5/8″ hole that is drilled through the slab to give access to the void underneath.  The polyurethane initially enters the void in liquid form and begins to react and expand throughout the soil and the void. Once the void is filled, the polyurethane densifies underneath the slab until it can exert enough pressure to lift the slab.  With the right contractor, the slab can be lifted back to level and the weight load of the slab is reestablished back into the soil.

How is Polyurethane Foamjacking Minimally Disruptive?

Polyurethane Foamjacking requires no excavation and is very fast. The concrete raising solution requires nickel size holes to be drilled into the slab and that is it. After the injection is completed, the holes are filled with a concrete grout that hardens and is nearly imperceivable. The polyurethane also creates a minimal mess, so you won’t be fretting over the condition of your concrete or yard.

The speed of the concrete raising solution is also minimally disruptive to your time.  Once the polyurethane is injected, it cures to 95% capacity within 20 minutes (you can drive your car over it!) A typical project can take a couple of hours to 1 day, depending on the complexity.

What About Costs?

Concrete raising with polyurethane foam jacking is approximately 400% cheaper than replacement. This will save you a ton of money and cause minimal disruption to your bank account.

What Should You Do Now?

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